Blogging VS. Facebooking….

I guess if it comes down to either blogging or posting on Facebook,  for me, Facebook has come out the winner.  Just because it is much easier to post a thought, verse, quote and the response in comments outnumbers the comments on my blog.  Hmm,,wonder why that is?  Probably because Facebook has fast become the communicator of choice for millions and millions of people, and because there are so many new blogs too numerous to count out there in the blogosphere.  Now I’m not going to give up my blog for good.  As you can see, I’ve not been very regular and that’s because I check my Facebook pages ( yes, I have a personal and a business one for my books) several times a day.  It just is an easy access to connect with so many friends and family.  I could post my blogging on my FB page if I knew how!!!!

I’m not that savvy when it comes to technology, I must depend on others and everyone seems too busy for me to bother them.  (I guess they are pinging, exporting …it’s a whole other world to me. )  So I’ll just stick to good ole reliable FB for now, I won’t discard my blog.  Occasionally, I’ll post, possible link it to my FB page and if I need to write something lengthy and blog-worthy, I can always put in my “Notes”.

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