She’s Here!!!

On Tuesday,  August 26, 2008  at 3:07 p.m.,  God’s newest creation arrived into this world.  Her name is Ali Kristen Waters.  And she is beautiful,  as God new she would be all along.

Proverbs 17: 6 says, “Children’s children are a crown to the aged…”;  that being said, I am royalty, I am a Grandmother again for the second time.  All is good in the world today.

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Waiting is Never Easy!

The clock ticks slower,  the days drag on I swear, while you wait.  Especially waiting for something in which we have no control.  Like the birth of a grand baby!!!  My daughter, Danielle, is ready to deliver her second child any day now!!

Oh, precious little one,  what are you doing in there?  Is it too cozy and warm, do you love being lulled to sleep by your mommy’s heartbeat, are you scared?  Don’t be!!  There are too many people out here waiting to hold and kiss and love you!  And you would not believe the most fantastic older brother you have just waiting to hold your hand, pet you sweet head and tell you all his funny stories!  His name is Aiden.  You two will have so much fun playing, laughing singing songs…

Your Mommy and Daddy can barely stand it anymore!  They want to finally meet you and hold you.  It’s getting harder for Mommy to do anything, you are just growing and growing so nicely. Are you done yet? Isn’t it kind of cramped in there?  When you are ready to come out, you will be able to stretch out you little arms and legs, you’ll see how good that feels.  And you’ll be fed some yummy milk, much better than that same old yucky fluid you’ve been swimming around in the past nine months.

Your days will be filled with new and exciting things, sights and sounds.  But I promise, we’ll try not to hold you too much so you can get you beauty sleep in your pretty new crib in your room with the pale lilac and yellow walls.  And you’ll see your name in big purple and white polka dot letters  ALI.  I love you name!

So, Ali, please come soon.  We love you so much, already without even laying eyes on you!

And another thing,  Ali, God, who created you, has great plans for your life.  You’ll grow to see how much He loves you, too.

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The Best Summer Pasta Sauce…and no cooking, honest!!

Every summer I wait till we are able to pick the first of our juicy ripe tomatoes to make this dish, which I dream about all winter long!  It can only be made with fresh tomatoes and fresh basil leaves…believe me canned or dried will simply not do.

It is so simple and delicious you will probably make it from now until Sept. at least twice a week! ( if you’re not worried about your waistline). Ha!

Here is the much anticipated, number one summer recipe in my book!

In a large bowl, place four ripe tomatoes, cubed (any kind but plum, they aren’t juicy enough)

1 # of brie (remove skin if you like) chopped in one inch cubes

1 cup of fresh basil leaves

1 cup olive oil

2 teas. salt

1 teas pepper

1 # linguine

Let all ingredients except pasta, of course, marinate in the bowl for at least two hours.  Cook the pasta, you can use any kind you like, I prefer linguine, till al dente.  Drain pasta and combine with sauce in a larger serving bowl until the brie melts and everything is well mixed.

Serve with Parmesan cheese and lots of Italian bread to soak up the sauce.

You’ll love this!

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Matthew 10:29

I was watering my hanging baskets the other day with the garden hose, and the force of the water caused quite a surprise.  I noticed a newly hatched bird poke his little head out and after several hops fell out of what was a nest and onto the ground.  I freaked!!!  Oh my, what did I do?

I immediately turned the water off and started looking for the poor little thing among the hostas right below the hanging basket.  I saw him hopping around, lost, wet, scared; I felt terrible and certain that his mother would abandon him now.

So I ran into the house, grabbed a paper towel, picked him up as gently as I could and placed him back into the nest, all the while praying that the mother would come back and continue to feed him until he could fly on his own.

Ten minutes later she did come back with something in her beak, lunch no doubt, but was fluttering around chirping frantically as though she just knew something was awry.  She stayed perched on the back of a chair turning her head left to right for a few minutes.  I kept watching and waiting for her to fly up into the nest which she finally did.

What I heard next was a chorus of continuous chirping and twittering for a minute or so.  I can imagine the scolding that ensued by the mother spiked with fear and relief. I continued  to watch  undercover, of course, and saw that she left and came back several times with food in her beak possibly for the baby bird”s other siblings.

This whole scenario reminded me of the scripture Matthew 10 v. 29…”Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.”

This tells us that our Heavenly Father knows even when the tiniest bird falls to the ground.  If he cares about the smallest creatures, how much more does He care about you and me, His precious children?  He provides all of our needs no matter how large or small.

I hope you are smiling, I am!!!

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