Polka dots are everywhere! Have you noticed?

I personally have a soft spot in my heart for those fun little circles symmetrically scattered on anything from clothing to toys to furniture to accessories to small household items.  They are big in the decorating world today.

When I was fourteen, you remember that tender age where your self esteem was in jeopardy and challenged on a daily basis, I owned a white pique dress with black polka dots .  It had a dropped waist and capped sleeves. I felt very chic and cosmopolitan when I wore that dress.  I think I might have worn it to church every Sunday or at least, every other Sunday.  Even though it was a hand-me-down from my sister, Sheila, I embraced that dress as if it were my own and just adored it.  It made me smile.  It was just the type of dress that perky little Gidget might have worn. (She was my idol, everything about her right down to her name.)

For the school picnic one year when I was in grade school, my Mom, who made a good deal of my clothes, had made a pair of red pedal pushers with a matching “angel blouse” that was white with red and navy blue rather large polka dots on it.  She creatively cut out a few of the dots and sewed them on the side of the pants at the hemline.  Wow, was I sharp!  (Remember that word describing how very stylish you dressed?)

Polka dots are just plain fun!  I think we are seeing a revival of them due to the gloomy economic atmosphere we have been plunged into over the past year.  They make us happy.  I read somewhere recently that when our economy is in a slump, the sale of lipstick increases dramatically.  Who knew?  Well, I can answer that.  Women know how and what to do to lift spirits and boost our sense of well being without spending an arm and a leg, against popular belief.  When we wear a new shade of lipstick or wear polka dots we put on our best smile, hold our heads high and laugh at the temporary slump our nation is experiencing.

So I challenge you women of all ages, purchase your new lipstick, buy something polka dotted in anticipation of Spring and better days ahead!

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Saying Goodbye To Donna

Writing a eulogy is difficult, no doubt.  Delivering a eulogy at a funeral is beyond difficult, especially if it’s for a friend; a friend who was younger than you.

Today, I delivered my first eulogy which I had written for my friend, Donna who lost her battle with cancer this past week.  To say that she was a fighter is a huge understatement. I marveled at her tenacity against this horrid disease.  They say that terminally ill people hold out and wait to succumb to death for a certain date or the arrival of a loved one……Donna did just that.   She celebrated her birthday, Christmas, New Years Day and finally her 21st wedding anniversary in a span of three weeks, defying the doctors’ and hospice nurses’ predictions.  But that was Donna. Goal and task oriented.  She amazed us all.  Every time I visited and saw her frail and weak body, I thought,  ‘This will be the last time I see my dear friend, I better make this visit meaningful and say everything I need to say to her’.  It was good in that I actually got to say to her all that I had written for her eulogy.  The sad thing about  eulogies is that those being honored and memorialized never get to hear all the wonderful things being said about them.   Not so for Donna.  She heard it all. Not only from me, but from our small circle of friends who loved her.

She loved our visits as we lavished her with our support, love and praises for how she so graciously held her head high and stared this affliction in it’s evil eye and did not back down.

We learned so much from her.  Her unwavering faith stood front and center above everything else.  Her example of strength would’ve put Samson to shame.  We know the source of her strength and hope, our Lord and Savior.  She new the Lord, loved the Lord and walked with the Lord.  She truly walked by faith and not by sight, just as we are instructed to do by the Bible.  Her trust left us in awe.

Donna did not receive the physical healing that we prayed for along with the rest of our church, but she received the spiritual healing and eternal life promised to  all believers some day.

God’s mercy and loving kindness took her home, to her eternal home where there is peace, joy and abounding love.

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HAPPY 2010 !

Another month, another year, another decade!

Time to get back to my routine of writing on my blog, exercising, reading , trying out new recipes, increasing spiritual disciplines….let’s see, have I missed anything? Let me be clear, these are not New Year resolutions.  They are part of my everyday life that have somehow fallen by the wayside.  If I want to spend a portion of each day doing any or all of these things, I’ll have to get up at 5 a.m.!!!!  That’s definitely not gonna happen!

Why is there never enough time in the day?  Is it just me?  I guess my first step would be to prioritize my time.  It’s not like I’ve never tried such a novel idea. I just don’t think I’m capable  of  it.  I mean, I think that everything I do is important until it’s a few hours later and I’m asking myself, “Now what did I just accomplish?”  I seem to get lost in thought, or a magazine or am wondering aimlessly in the grocery store, or in an idle conversation on the phone and time slips quickly by.  I need help!!!

That’s it.  Starting tomorrow, I will wake up, read the Bible, make a few lists, plan my Weight Watcher meals, take a brisk walk, write a quick post on my blog, or start that second book, do a good deed or two, read a few food blogs, buy the ingredients I don’t have for that new recipe, start dinner…..I’m tired already!  Doesn’t leave much time for watching T.V., or talking on the phone or leisurely paging through a magazine or book.  Well, I guess I just realized what I should try to avoid to allow time for the priority activities.  What would I do if I worked full time?  Which leads me to ask, HOW did I do  everything I needed to do when I worked part-time and raised three kids?  I think the answer to that question is …I was younger, much younger!!

I am determined to begin this coming week with a fresh start, a new beginning, a confidence that I know I can reach this new goal of mine.  OKAY, OKAY you win….these are New Year resolutions!!  Happy New Year!

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