What The World Needs Now

Well, here I sit in front of my blog site which has been horribly ignored for WAAYY too long!  Did life get in the way or did I get in the way of life?  No matter, it’s time for me to get back to my first love, writing.

i want to become serious about this passion of mine, this forgotten passion, and see where it may lead. Who knows—  the start of another book, a cooking blog, which, by the way, there are an enormous amount of those  in cyberspace, perhaps a daily encouraging message, a quick daily Italian lesson, a probing, controversial question to start a lively online conversation?  Whatever the subject, I will be sure to post on a more regular basis on a variety of interests of mine ( it is MY blog after all!).

Because it is the end of the year and we are on the heels of the emerging new year,  many of us are reflecting, revising, refurbishing our ways and habits, coming up with our lists of resolutions.  I truly dislike that word, resolution.  It sounds so formal and unnatural. Are we resolving or making a promise to ourselves for improving our ways?  I like to think of  it as a promise, more of a personal thing that only we can do.  We then are able to own these promises and possibly keep them.

The  first thing on my list of “promises” besides not neglecting my blog, is to look at others with a deeper understanding tinged with love. Considering the times in which we are now living,  I hope others will also give this a try and maybe we’ll see a positive change in this world.

Maybe we all can start singing or humming the 1965 song by Jackie DeShannon..”What the World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love”, making this our mantra.  I think it’s an excellent idea!

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