Missing Borders

Every time I drive past Borders book store which has closed a few months ago, my heart sinks! Seeing the now empty parking lot which used to be filled with cars is a very depressing sight.  Borders was one of the major anchor stores to the Northway Mall for many, many years.  I could go in there during the holiday season and do half of my Christmas shopping buying books for just about everyone on my list and gift cards for my ‘hard to buy for’ people.  It was my home away from home for a little over three years while I wrote my book. I just knew when I entered the cafe,  that familiar aroma of freshly brewed coffee and seeing the faces of the ‘regulars’ put me at ease.  My creative juices would start to flow and I could not wait to find an empty table,set up my work space and begin to tap out word by word on my computer the  memories and stories I longed for the whole world to read.  I looked forward to those days as much as one looks forward to donning a soft, comfortable sweater on a cold winter’s day.  It was a gathering  place for business meetings, school projects, serious discussions, and lighthearted coffee breaks with old friends.  I could just cry!

Now, I am forced to locate another spot to collect my thoughts and allow my creative writing to flow, to find new projects and assignments such as this greatly neglected blog, and possibly a new book.   Lately, I’ve felt a gentle nudging toward a newly found motivation and am anxious to begin with a brand new project.  I simply miss my writing on  a regular basis and feel ready for a fresh start.  I just don’t where to go!  Oh, I could do this at home, but there’s something about being surrounded by others who are sipping on caffeinated beverages  ferociously pounding on a keyboard trying to hold back a satisfying smile while doing so.

Panera’s is a possible location, but I really need to be surrounded by books,whether for reference or to take a break and read something to transport me some where else if just for a little while.

I’ll find a place; Barnes and Noble  is only a few miles further away, the extra distance will be worth it.

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