No Turning Back

Well it seems by the swift wind and chill in the air that Autumn is officially here. Now I don’t have any thing against fall, really, it’s just that it means that OLD MAN WINTER is on his way!!  I do love the colors of fall, the sky seems a more vibrant blue, the apples are phenomenal, plums, pears and figs make the most delicious tarts and crostatas. (I’ll post the fig and marscapone cheese tart this week, so tune in please!) But honestly, I’m not ready for wool socks, heavier jackets, gloves and scarves.

I could have cried and almost did the other morning when I realized that I forgot to cover the last of my basil plants against the killing frost.  My once bright green, fragrant, thriving plants were diminished to dark murky gray and wilted spears standing erect from the soil.  A most pitiful and unnecessary death.  I guess I’ll have to depend on whatever the produce buyers can scrounge up whenever I get a craving for a buffalo mozzarella and tomato salad.

I now am feeling quite jealous of my son, Anthony, who lives in South Carolina and my daughter, Rachel, who calls San Diego home.  But wait, didn’t they both say to come and visit anytime?   Yessss, they did!!!

So while the colorful leaves swirl and litter the ground, I will be packing a suitcase with summer clothes and flip flops ready  for my upcoming sojourns.  So Autumn, come if you must, I will smile and anxiously wait for my escape when winter’s snow flakes fall. Oh, and while in California, I will enjoy my daily walk out to my daughter and son-in-laws’ orange trees and pick a few for our freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast!

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testing, one, two, three…

I really am so embarrassed that I’ve had this blog for quite some time now, ahem!, and have not the desire, inclination nor the knowledge to add or insert a photo.  Well, here goes.  Yeah! Should have tried this sooner!!

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Full Moon and Beautiful Sunset

As I was driving home tonight, my head was swiveling to the left and right back and forth to take in the breathtaking view of both the east and west horizons.  On the west was a most magnificent sunset.  The sky was splashed with an out of control riot of vivid hues.  I’ve never seen such contrasts of colors; pale to medium azure blue, deep to smokey purples, tangerine, garnet, shades of peach streaking and trailing across the western sky. In competition, on the east was the  rising full harvest moon.  It was unusually large and creamy white with an eerie haze like  a misty veil covering it making it look iridescent. The backdrop of the sky was an almost marine blue. I had trouble keeping my eyes on the road.  I wondered if everyone else was being entertained as I was.

The thing about sunsets is that they quickly change and intensify before they melt away into a darkened gray-black sky.  So you have to keep watching and oohing and ahhing . Once again I heard myself say, “Why don’t I have my camera with me!?

I love full moons and I hate that they only occur once a month!  Considering such beautiful visions set before us for our pleasure, how can one deny the existence of God?

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