Snail Mail May be Slow, but…..

I have a friend who lives in Chicago who I correspond with only through letters.  This is our method of choice to keep each other informed about any noteworthy news concerning ourselves or our families.

I still prefer writing letters, short notes, ‘dropping a line’ to my friends. It’s just more personal.  E-mails, although a great vehicle to inform, notify or respond in a timely manner, just don’t cut it for me. And texting, no thank you!

Choosing the stationery is half the fun.  I love holding the smooth paper in my hands, selecting only black ink, fine point writing instruments.  If I had the time I’d use a calligraphy pen with an ink jar.  I love the whole writing process, using my best penmanship (thanks to the urging of Sister Mary Martha).  I even love the smell of the paper; strange, I know.  Using a letter opener, when I receive correspondence from my friend is also a little ritual that I enjoy.  When I am very ambitious, I pull out and use the sealing wax and stamp to close the flap on the back of the envelope.  I once bought a kit containing different size stencils to make my own envelopes , which I lined the inside with colored tissue paper.

Writing letters is a lost art.  Maybe I’ll write a book about how to compose a letter to just about anyone on any subject.  In my younger days, friends would actually recruit me to help them write letters ….letters of sympathy, letters of complaints, letters of thanks, love letters, letters to accompany resumes…. yes, once upon a time resumes where held in your hand, not viewed on a computer screen.

A hand written letter/note lets the recipient know how much she/he is valued.  Taking the time to thoughtfully, not quickly, compose a few lines is about as personal as one can get to convey feelings and emotions without actual words being spoken. I declare today, March 29th, Write a Letter Day!

So, who will you send a message to today, carefully folded and sealed for their eyes only???

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