Birthdays, Goldfish, Spring!

Oh my is it really that long since my last post?!?!?

We all use the overrated excuse, “I’m too busy!”  Well , now, more than ever we need to stop, enjoy and live our lives on a day to day basis,  making the best of each day the Lord gives us.  I intend to do only those things which make me smile today; it’s my birthday!  I am doing one of my favorite things this morning,  enjoying a good cup of coffee out on my back deck in the warm April sunshine. As I am sipping on this cup of java,  I can hear the soothing trickle coming from our pond.  I was so excited to discover a few weeks ago that 5 out of our 7 goldfish had survived the harsh winter!  But then just a few days ago, we made a gruesome discovery.  They mysteriously vanished…all of them!… I’m sure a predator of some sort had them as snack!! So, one of my errands will be to go to the Seahorse Pet Store and purchase a few more fish for the pond.  This time we will protect them with some sort of netting!!!

I really love this time of year.  The flowering blossoms on the trees have provided a dramatic backdrop for the emerging colors of Spring.   The pink flowereing crabs, the white Bradford pears and the magestic magnolias have been spectacular this year!  Another activity for today will be to visit the local nurseries and pick out the annuals that I soon will be planting in my yard.  It’s just a little too soon for our very fickle spring weather. Maybe next week-end.

Well my quiet rendevous on the deck has just come to an end.  Sam and Co. has arrived with a truckload of mulch and manure to prepare the beds for the planting soon to take place.

Get out there and do something you really enjoy, whether it’s you birthday or not!

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad.”

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