Monday Morning Random Thoughts

1.  I love sleeping in on Monday Mornings. (I know, I know..most of you can’t)

2.  Pittsburgh has something like only 57 or 58 days of sunshine per year!  Per Year!!!!

3.  A hummingbird’s heart rate beats at a rapid 500-600 beats per minute while perched and 1400 while in flight!

4.  The Chinese character for “crisis” has two meanings…danger and opportunity.

5.  There is nothing more soothing than to hear a distant train whistle (DISTANT!) while you are in bed just falling off to sleep.

6.  The Bible is the most read book.. ever!

7.  The low country is called such because of it’s low-lying terrain which is at sea level.

8.  Is the acronym for golf really Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden?

9.  If we all switched over to riding bikes instead of cars, what effect would that have on OPEC?

10.  God is more than capable to give us favor and blessings during our times of disaster and storms if we’d only ask and trust that He is able!

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Missing the Lowcountry

Well, I’ve been home from our extended stay in South Carolina for 48 hours now and I’m already missing the beach, flowering azaleas and sweet magnolia trees, the chorus of singing birds that nest in the live oak trees that woke me every morning, the mild temperatures that Southerners seem to take for granted, and the abundant sunshine (most days) that they also take for granted! I could go on and on, but I don’t want to slump into a deep depression.
The friendly weatherman on the evening news is hinting and, dare I say, teasing us into thinking that Spring is just around the corner….the only true indication that it is in fact around the corner is “March Madness” and the never ending basketball games that have hit the airwaves, sports media, and every other media available. I’m well aware of the huge number of fans that are following their favorite college teams….I’m just not one of them. I actually cringe when I hear that constant squeaking of rubber soles on the wooden court floor during one of these many, many tournament games. Is basketball really as American as baseball and Apple pie??  Wait, did I just see President Obama filling out his own bracket on TV????

As you might have gathered, I’m not a very big sports fan, I will however, watch the Steelers play on a Sunday afternoon, that’s the extent it.

So, I’ll wait for March Madness to be over and hopefully, the ending will coincide with the entrance of a long- awaited Spring!!

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