Taller than Tall

My sweet little grandson, Aiden who is 4 1/2 years old, equates age with height.  If he hears that someone is older than him he’ll say “He’s taller than me”.  On his grandfather’s birthday, he asked how old he was and when he heard his age, remarked, ” Wow, Pappy’s really tall!”  Pappy didn’t think that was so funny!

During my quiet time with God this morning, it seemed that my prayer requests were so numerous.  I found myself apologizing for such a “tall order”.  But then I realized that my God is “taller than tall”.

We’ve all been reminded at one time or another not to tell God how big our problems are, but to tell our problems how big our God is!! He not only is taller than tall, but stronger than strong, wiser than wise, His might is unmatched, His powers are unstoppable, and His grace and mercies are never-ending.

In Romans 4 v. 20, the Bible tells us “Abraham did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strenghened in his faith and gave glory to God being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.”

We will be blessed on the basis of our faith in him.  My belief is that the Lord is the original, most trusted, promise keeper I know!

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Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses

When I woke up Sunday morning, after the time change, it seemed later to me because it wasn’t pitch black as it usually is at six-thirty a.m.  I looked out my window and it appeared to me that I had on a pair of rose colored eye glasses.  Now I never owned a pair of rose colored glasses only light blue, which I wear occasionally, but the rosy glow that I saw was mesmerizing and beautiful.  I stood before the window and looked to my left which is the eastern sky and the sunrise was magnificent.  It caused the whole sky to be washed in a playful shade of pink lemonade.

I know why the term “Looking at the world through rose colored glasses” carries such a happy, optimistic view of life’s situations.  I had a smile on my face that not even the toughest elbow grease could remove. I literally felt “joyful” and just knew eveything was right in the world.

Now if only I could capture that feeling and spread it around to those who really need it.  Like my friend, Donna, who is in the midst of chemo treatments for esophageal cancer.  Wow, I just talked with her today and was so sad that the hope and uplifted spirit I saw in her the last few weeks has disappeared, gone, evaporated… Oh, if  she could wake up each morning and sense that feeling of joy and confidence that her day would be pain-free and her strength would return and her dizziness and headaches would be gone! Where can I buy a pair of those magical rose colored glasses?

But she is a fighter and a believer, and she is surrounded by prayer warriors who will hold her arms up for her when she cannot. Her trust in the Lord is what is going to get her through this stormy season, He will be those glasses for her.  Because only He has excellent vision and a plan and a purpose for her and what she is enduring right now. He is a God who heals and keeps all His promises. We, as her friends and church family will remind her of that, while the lenses of her faith become clearer and rosier.

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