Pomme Frites, Anyone?

The other night, my husband and I took our son, Anthony, to his favorite restarunt to indulge in an order of steamed mussels and pomme frites.  I’m not sure if calling french fries ‘pomme frites’ or having them in a little Belgium influenced cafe makes them taste so much better, but boy, were they good!  And the basil flavored mayonnaise served for dipping instead of ketchup…delicious!

We felt as though we were on vacation having a late night supper in a little European sidewalk cafe.  The atmosphere was very friendly, relaxed and interesting with an eclectic group of patrons enjoying a meal in this small eatery located in one of Pittsburgh’s unique neighborhoods, Point Breeze.

Lately, the inner city has been flooded with many of these small cafes opening up in a concentrated effort to revitalize parts of the city’s older  and depressed neighborhoods.

The Point Brugge Cafe, where we ate, has been established since the late 70’s and is still very popular.  The mussels can be ordered in two different sauces, both very distinct and equally good.  We usually order the tomato based sauce flavored with fennel and herbs, but last night we tried the white wine, garlic sauce which was slightly creamy… both excellent for soping up the extra juice with bread ( the best part, for me).

If you love mussels like we do, I highly reccomend this small neighborhood cafe.  You won’t be dissapointed. However, you may have to increase your work out routine,  but it’s a tradeoff well worth it!

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