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After talking with Candace for 25 minutes…..  ( if you’re following me, that translates to a full hour on the phone this morning!) it was determined that the internal wireless card in my laptop is outdated!  Since when is 2 1/2 years considered outdated!  The nerve!  Anyway, after checking with a supervisor who asked if I was “nice”  and understanding about this whole issue, I was told that a service man would come out and replace this wireless card free of charge! This is so that I would not have to go  through a number of unnecessary steps just to start up my computer from standby mode.  Once again, bless you Candace!

Now see, my kindness ( yet another gift of the Holy Spirit) has been rewarded.  *Big Smile*

I still need to pray for patience!

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God give me Patience

I honestly don’t know where I was when God was handing out patience…I must have stepped out of line, tired of waiting!

I do know that patience is one of the gifts/fruits of the Holy Spirit, given freely through grace: I’d like mine gift wrapped,please Lord!

Day 2

Here we go again. Called Consolidated Communications, our new High-speed internet carrier to resolve a problem with connecting to the internet.  It’s 7:30 a.m. this time and I hear the same sugary sweet voice recording on the line…”Your call is important to us”, (so are you going to pay for my physical therapy for my neck from holding the receiver between my ear and shoulder), “it will be answered in the order in which it has been received”, (okay, so I’m # 534), “and we thank you in advance for your patience”, ( you don’t know who you’re talking to, lady!)

Oh no,! that music again!  But I’m prepared this time.  I set the phone down and begin reading a new book, ‘Picture Perfect’ by Jodi Picoult.  I’m using this time wisely, refusing to be at the mercy of “Sugar Voice” and her waiting game–it’s on my terms today.

Finished chapter one…..still no real voice, only music,  (The Shadow of your Smile)

Finished chapter two….did I hear this one already?  (Time in a Bottle)

Middle of chapter three…

Oh wait, yes, I hear a voice and it’s saying, “My name is Candace, how may I help you?”  BLESS YOU CANDACE!  only 29 minutes of waiting today!  Yessss!

See, good things come to those who wait!  I told you so! **Mona Lisa smile**

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