Elevator Music….zzzzzzzzzzzz

I’m on hold as I write this post, waiting for the technical support person to help me with my computer–arghhhh!  I HAD TO DO SOMETHING AS THIS MUSIC IS LULLING ME TO SLEEP!!!!!!

Why do they even call it”elevator music”?  It’s more like “give-me-a-knife-so-I-can-slit-my-wrists-music” Rather than soothing and melodious as i think it’s intention is, I am slowly developing a whopper of a headache.  Go figure!  I must say that I do like a wide range of music genres, jazz, R&B, gospel, some country..but what is sifting into my ears, is far from “easy listening”.  I just want to scream.  After 20 minutes can you blame me?

That’s it! 35 minutes later, I’m done, hanging up, good-bye! I’ll show you!  Click! *Heavy sigh*

Well after all that aggravation, raised blood pressure, dull headache…and still my computer is on the fritz, now what??

Wonder when it will be the best time to call tomorrow??

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