Fall Harvest

Well, it’s September, my favorite time of year.  It’s also a busy time of year for me.  In the past two weeks I’ve canned tomatoes (that I’ve picked), made plum cordial (from plums that I’ve picked), and recently made roasted red peppers for the winter (that I’ve picked)!  The “fruits” of my labor will be greatly appreciated every time I open a can of that rich, red tomato sauce for Sunday dinner or sip on that rosy pink liqueur in front of a cozy fire this winter.  The red peppers were ‘put up’ in freezer bags rather than jars…I’ve succumbed to making my life easier in many respects.  Now with all this behind me, I’m ready to scour the farmers’ markets and grab what produce I can to make the fall dishes that I long for this time of year.  Roasted squash soup, pumpkin ravioli, fig crostata, apple dumplings with hard sauce….my mouth is watering!

I will plan several fall dinners and hope that the weather holds up for some outdoor eating and entertaining over the next few months.  Then it will be time to plan Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas baking Christmas Eve Feast of the Fishes , January is usually reserved for making soups, breads and homemade pasta…..It never ends, this love affair with food , cooking and eating! Thank God!!

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