Full Moon and Sunset

As I was driving home tonight, my head was swiveling to the left and to the right back and forth to take in what was happening simultaneously on the western and the eastern horizons.  To the west was the most magnificent sunset.  i’ve never seen such an out of control riot of vivid hues splashed across the sky.  Shades of pale to deep azure blue, deep to smokey purples, tangerine, garnet, graduating shades of peach all streaking and trailing across the sky with clouds peaking in and around the bursts of color.

Rivaling on the eastern horizon was the enormous pale, creamy -white harvest full moon. It was covered with an eerie mist of a veil making it seem iridescent.  And the background color of the sky was an almost marine blue.

It was hard to keep my eyes on the road.  I wondered if everyone else who was outdoors was being as entertained as i was.  Once again i heard myself say, “Why don’t I have my camera with me?”

I just love full moons and I hate the fact that they only occur once a month.

With such beauty set before us for our enjoyment and viewing pleasure, how can one deny the existence of God?

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