Black Thursday….what??

I must admit, I am a former shopaholic. Maybe I should say a recovering shopaholic. The only time I enjoy shopping now is around the holidays and I used to go every year on Black Friday, where bargains abound. But bumping it up to Black Thursday, just isn’t right! Why does the retail sector seem to think that Thanksgiving dinner with family needs to be shortened just to run out and begin a spending frenzie a day, really only four hours early? It started with only one store making the announcement and then quite a few have jumped on the bandwagon. Well, in my opinion, they all should be ashamed of themselves. Especially asking their employees to come out and work as soon as they put their forks down from diner.

We Americans have got to slow down our selfish ways and start being satisfied and thankful for what we have and not rush out to the stores to buy what we think we and our children need.
I’m all for giving gifts at Christmas, really, but to buy something not needed or just because its on sale does not fall under the true meaning of giving. Too many people get caught up in the idea of saving money on certain items and end up spending more.

This year, I will buy some gifts through an organization called Food for the Poor, Inc. It provides opportunities to purchase a meaningful gift, for instance, a goat, or pig or cow for families living in poverty in third world countries. These truly are gifts that keep on giving throughout the year to help feed a family in need.

So before you buy that insignificant trinket that the recipient honestly does not need, why not spend your dollars on something that will ultimately change a life or make it easier rather than cluttered with meaningless stuff.

I will still buys gifts for my family but not in excess and I will not go out on either Black Thursday or Friday in protest.

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