In Honor of Aunt Minnie

My dear Aunt Minnie  (Philemena A. DiGorio) passed away this week.  She was my mothers sister and my last living Aunt.  She was one special lady!  Full of life, sophisticated,  beautiful inside and out, and what I will always remember her for was her contagious laugh…a sort of cackle if you will!  She was so much fun to be around!

She was one of the best bakers I knew as she would bake cookies for weddings, holidays, and just about any reason or for no reason at all.  She always had an ample supply in her freezer. She was a wonderful cook as well.

I included her famous baked chicken recipe in my book, “Always on Sunday: Memories of an Italian Childhood”. This particular recipe, entitled Aunt Minnie’s Best Kep Secret Baked Chicken Breasts has been commented on the most to me. Some people have even told me their families request this the most and won’t allow any other chicken to be served in their house!!!! Honestly!

So I want to share her delicious recipe with you and hope that you try this for your family…you won’t regret it… If you happen to have my book, it can be found on page 55.

Rest in peace, Aunt Minnie and thank you for the beautiful memories!

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