There are No Coincidences in Life

My great nephew, Brayden Xander, was born on January 17, 2015. Prior to that, January 15 was always a sad day for me and my family. My mom had passed away on that day 15 years ago. Sometimes I wonder, can that even be possible? But, as the saying goes, ” Time marches on “.

The fact that Brayden was born on that particular days has us all believing that my mom had a little something to do with it. You see, my neice, Samantha was five days late. She could have delivered on any one of those days surrounding her due date. But little Brayden decided ( with some coaching ) to enter the world on that one day in January. I believe that God new about this child being born on this day many years before he was even conceived. It’s His loving and comforting way, how He works in our lives.

He took his good old time making for a lengthy labor and as described by the delivering physician, needed to be coaxed out with a suction type instrument which left a very noticeable red mark on the very top of his head. But we all know better than that….his great-grandma wanted to give him a kiss on that sweet head, letting us all know she was with him during the whole birth, confirmed by the fact that it only was visible for a short time, then disappeared.

Brayden had to remain in the NICU until today when he will be released to home to begin his very special life with his parents.

We are all grateful for this new life and thank God for his health and all the circumstances surrounding his birth.

Welcome home, Brayden Xander!

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