Saying Goodbye To Donna

Writing a eulogy is difficult, no doubt.  Delivering a eulogy at a funeral is beyond difficult, especially if it’s for a friend; a friend who was younger than you.

Today, I delivered my first eulogy which I had written for my friend, Donna who lost her battle with cancer this past week.  To say that she was a fighter is a huge understatement. I marveled at her tenacity against this horrid disease.  They say that terminally ill people hold out and wait to succumb to death for a certain date or the arrival of a loved one……Donna did just that.   She celebrated her birthday, Christmas, New Years Day and finally her 21st wedding anniversary in a span of three weeks, defying the doctors’ and hospice nurses’ predictions.  But that was Donna. Goal and task oriented.  She amazed us all.  Every time I visited and saw her frail and weak body, I thought,  ‘This will be the last time I see my dear friend, I better make this visit meaningful and say everything I need to say to her’.  It was good in that I actually got to say to her all that I had written for her eulogy.  The sad thing about  eulogies is that those being honored and memorialized never get to hear all the wonderful things being said about them.   Not so for Donna.  She heard it all. Not only from me, but from our small circle of friends who loved her.

She loved our visits as we lavished her with our support, love and praises for how she so graciously held her head high and stared this affliction in it’s evil eye and did not back down.

We learned so much from her.  Her unwavering faith stood front and center above everything else.  Her example of strength would’ve put Samson to shame.  We know the source of her strength and hope, our Lord and Savior.  She new the Lord, loved the Lord and walked with the Lord.  She truly walked by faith and not by sight, just as we are instructed to do by the Bible.  Her trust left us in awe.

Donna did not receive the physical healing that we prayed for along with the rest of our church, but she received the spiritual healing and eternal life promised to  all believers some day.

God’s mercy and loving kindness took her home, to her eternal home where there is peace, joy and abounding love.

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  1. Marcia…you did a beautiful job. Life can be so unfair and sad but you had a very special relationship with your friend Donna. Your eulogy is beautiful and poignant. I just needed to comment on this. mary

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