HAPPY 2010 !

Another month, another year, another decade!

Time to get back to my routine of writing on my blog, exercising, reading , trying out new recipes, increasing spiritual disciplines….let’s see, have I missed anything? Let me be clear, these are not New Year resolutions.  They are part of my everyday life that have somehow fallen by the wayside.  If I want to spend a portion of each day doing any or all of these things, I’ll have to get up at 5 a.m.!!!!  That’s definitely not gonna happen!

Why is there never enough time in the day?  Is it just me?  I guess my first step would be to prioritize my time.  It’s not like I’ve never tried such a novel idea. I just don’t think I’m capable  of  it.  I mean, I think that everything I do is important until it’s a few hours later and I’m asking myself, “Now what did I just accomplish?”  I seem to get lost in thought, or a magazine or am wondering aimlessly in the grocery store, or in an idle conversation on the phone and time slips quickly by.  I need help!!!

That’s it.  Starting tomorrow, I will wake up, read the Bible, make a few lists, plan my Weight Watcher meals, take a brisk walk, write a quick post on my blog, or start that second book, do a good deed or two, read a few food blogs, buy the ingredients I don’t have for that new recipe, start dinner…..I’m tired already!  Doesn’t leave much time for watching T.V., or talking on the phone or leisurely paging through a magazine or book.  Well, I guess I just realized what I should try to avoid to allow time for the priority activities.  What would I do if I worked full time?  Which leads me to ask, HOW did I do  everything I needed to do when I worked part-time and raised three kids?  I think the answer to that question is …I was younger, much younger!!

I am determined to begin this coming week with a fresh start, a new beginning, a confidence that I know I can reach this new goal of mine.  OKAY, OKAY you win….these are New Year resolutions!!  Happy New Year!

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