Why Wouldn’t You?

While driving around today in my car, I spotted three different motorcyclists  without helmuts.  I know the summer weather we’ve been enjoying is probably very conducive to going helmutless…letting the warm breezes flow through your hair, but come on now!  What about safety?  Just because it isn’t required by law to wear that said helmut, why take such a huge risk? I just don’t get it.  I’m all for prevention, in medicine as well as living in general.  It’s just like those who refuse to wear sunscreen to protect against skin cancer.  Why wouldn’t you do such a minor thing to prevent such a major disaster?

I always remember that famous graduation speech given by someone I”ve forgotten now, entitled  “Don’t Forget to Wear Sunscreen”.  It listed a number of things to do as you graduate from college and the last bit of advise was to put on suncreen to prolong your life.  Well said! (He should have added, wear your helmut while biking!)

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