writers block…..

I’ve been working on my latest book, a cook book, because I thought there would be no need for creativity (minimal at best) in writing recipes, WRONG!!! I’ve decided to preface each recipe with a short story about where the recipe originated, a description of who gave it to me or a visual picture about the dish itself. Well, I still have to create that little script using the most descriptive and enticing words to make each entry mouth-watering and something you just want to stop what your doing and try! I’m in the midst of moving and that, need I say, is putting quite a damper on my writing. Thus writers’ block is a real and daunting limbo where I’ve seemed to have landed. Oh, I know I’ll eventually move on and finish this project (I’m so close, my deadline goal is July 1). I try to do small segments daily, that’s how I was able to finish my first book. I’m banking on the fact that when I have more to do, I do more. Make sense? that’s just how I’m wired. I’m more of a morning person, so for the next few weeks, I’ll be up at dawn, writing and then on to packing those umpteen boxes.

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  1. OH – it was my ABSOLUTE PLEASURE having you on my site! I was SO EXCITED when I heard you were writing!!!!!

    So fun to catch up with Danielle and ALL THE GIRLS! Wishing you nothing but good things!

    Thanks again for allowing me to put a little something about your book on the Giving Tree and excited for your next one!


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