Attention Graduates!

Graduations are upon us, High School, College, Tech Schools and, yes, even Pre-Schoolers will don the white caps and gowns….. my grandson, Aiden is soooo excited about his graduation

I’ve heard many great graduation speeches. I remember the title of  the speech given at my High School graduation many years ago ( well not that many), it was, “The More Beautiful the Question, The More Beautiful the Answer.”  I really never gave it much thought over the years, but now it does seem pretty profound.

We will all continue to ask questions as we go through life’s journey, how else can we learn anything, but I think what the speaker ( and I can’t even remember who he was) had in mind was to prepare us  to “see” beauty in everything. If we visualize something as pleasant, doesn’t it change our prespective?  As a new graduate, everything is new, different , exciting…but when turmoil, problems, unexpected roadblocks trip us up, isn’t it better to think that a good outcome is available?  Trying to attain this outcome will take your insight, experience, attitude and vision..that’s right a beautiful vision.  I think the speaker also was encouraing  positivity rather than negativity.

The one thing I wish for new graduates is the realization to the fact that change is inevitable. Not only in life situations but in ourselves.  Here I am, 35 plus years post-graduate and still experiencing the evolution of myself.  No one ever told me that I would become a chameleon over the years!   Oh, I’m still me only a different version.  I like to believe I’m the new and improved person I started out to be right out of High School!  Change allows a variety of experiences which make way for growth; and you can’t expect growth unless you change. Growth and change go hand in hand. Look at the butterfly.  Don’t you think it is grateful when he emerges from the  cocoon? Sometimes the stretching process is painful.  But if we are forewarned and are ready for change, it can be a much more positive  and anticipated thing.

I was a girl scout back in the day (Ha!), and our motto was , “Always be prepared.” So preparation is the first goal in stepping out into the great big world of change.  Hopefully, schools and parents alike have done their best in preparing the new graduates for the next chapter of life, whether it be college, the military or the workforce. The second goal in launching from one phase to the next is to realize what your purpose  in life is.  The best way to do that is through prayer.  We all have a specific purpose given to us by our Lord. ( Rick Warren’s book, ” The Purpose Driven Life”  is the best graduation gift you can give to the graduate).  Once we discover what it is, it will only guide us to the best path we need to follow.

It’s okay to be a little nervous, but keeping a positive attitude and a beautiful vision before you is one way to lead a beautiful life!  My Dad’s simple advice to me was…always give someone a smile, it won’t cost you a thing; they are contagious and you just might get one back!

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