Facing Life

I received an e-mail from a friend with the opening sentence,”Life’s not the way it’s supposed to be.  It’s the way it is; it’s the way you cope with it that makes the difference.”

Lately, I’ve found myself saying to other people regarding different situations while trying to make sense of certain actions and consequences the cliche, “It is what it is.”  Now that has me wondering, is that just a cop out?  It does seem like it could be trivializing a predicament, an easy way to bow out of assisting in solving one’s plight.  How many times do we face life’s trials and wish things were different…easier…less complicated?  It’s so much easier to throw our hands up and  do nothing.  What is more difficult is making the decision to do whatever we can with whatever resources we may have.

I believe we have to first determine whether our challenges in life are  up to us to change or not. If we have no control, then it truly ‘is what it is’  but our next step ( and this is an important one), is to make a choice as to how we are going to handle the situation we must face.  This is where our coping skills come in and where our faith will move us forward.

We can chose to be a victim and complain, speak negatively and think that there is no hope, or we can trust that God is in control and draw from the unwavering source of strength found in His promises to us, His kids, who He is crazy about.

He never promised that our lives would be without problems, but he did and does continually provide us with enough grace to wade through the messy times and hardships.  His grace, He tells us, ‘is sufficient and His power is made perfect in our weakness’.   To me, that is all we need to know.  He will guide us, if we let Him.  His peace will guard our hearts.

Life doesn’t always fit our plans. There are detours that Our Lord stategically allows, and during these times is when he will sit back and watch us maneuver and all he wants to say is,” Well done, my child!”

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