Monday Morning Random Thoughts

1.  I love sleeping in on Monday Mornings. (I know, I know..most of you can’t)

2.  Pittsburgh has something like only 57 or 58 days of sunshine per year!  Per Year!!!!

3.  A hummingbird’s heart rate beats at a rapid 500-600 beats per minute while perched and 1400 while in flight!

4.  The Chinese character for “crisis” has two meanings…danger and opportunity.

5.  There is nothing more soothing than to hear a distant train whistle (DISTANT!) while you are in bed just falling off to sleep.

6.  The Bible is the most read book.. ever!

7.  The low country is called such because of it’s low-lying terrain which is at sea level.

8.  Is the acronym for golf really Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden?

9.  If we all switched over to riding bikes instead of cars, what effect would that have on OPEC?

10.  God is more than capable to give us favor and blessings during our times of disaster and storms if we’d only ask and trust that He is able!

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