Leadership by the Book

As  a small group leader within the choir at church, I am forever searching for ways to improve upon that leadership.  After all, I was not born a leader, I actually considered myself a follower, but that somehow changed throughout the years.  I reluctantly took the position as one of the leaders and have more or less “grown into those shoes”.

A great resource book that was given to my by my son-in-law, “Leadership by the Book”,  has proven to been a wealth of information on the subject of leadership.  It was co-authored by three men from different walks of life, but share the responsibility of  leading others.  Ken Blanchard is a prominent author, speaker and business consultant in the San Diego area.  He is founder and CEO of Ken Blanchard Companies, Inc., which does management training.  He also is co-founder of  the Center for Faithwalk Leadership.  Bill Hybels is also a sought after speaker, writer and consultant in addition to being the senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Ill.  Phil Hodges, for the past thirty years, has held a variety of staff positions in the areas of labor relations and HR management at Xerox Corp.  He is managing director for the Center for Faithwalk Leadership as well as a consulting partner for Ken Blanchard Companies Inc.

The book they wrote has an interesting format as it is told through three fictitious characters, Michael, a businessman who suffers a heart attack and calls upon his two friends, only referred to in the book as The Professor and The Minister.  Pretty ovbious who each one represents.

The title refers to using the leadership of Jesus Christ as the model to assure effective leadership in any career or position in life.  Jesus’ life embodies the heart and methods of a fully committed and effective servant leader.  The operative word is servant.

Here are some vital points from the book which I will try to apply to my role as small group leader:

Leadership begins with a clear vision with:

Purpose, Image, Values, Goals

If you want your people to be responsible, you must be responsive

The servant leader is a performance coach who uses:




And lastly, solitude, prayer and daily study of scripture seem to be important ways for leaders to stay on track as you seek to lead others as God would have you lead them.

Leadership by the Book is a very useful and reliable tool for effective leadership.

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