Face Book, Blessing or Curse??

I really didn’t want to join Face Book.  But I was coerced by a good friend, “Join, it will do wonders for promoting your book”,  so I caved and joined.   I become one of the millions and millions of members around the world of this networking phenomenon.   It was a novelty at first.  Kinda fun peering into lives of others… internet voyeurism…

But then it reminded me of years ago, visiting someone and before you knew it, the furniture was cleared to make way for the pull down screen and you were forced to watch the silent,  poor quality, 8mm movies of the family vacation taken at the Jersey shore last summer.   There was Bobby jumping into thhe pool 300 times and waving frantically after each jump.  Then there appeared Aunt Tillie, cigarette in one hand, holding rabbit ears with thhe other behind Uncle Ralph’s head, of couse unaware.  Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.  Excruciating!

Just how important is it to know everyone’s status every minute of the day?   ” I’m tired, goin’ to bed now”….. “Just eating a bowl of cereal”…… “Cutting my toenails now”….  Give me a break!!!!   Here’s the one that gets top honors,  “Kathy is…the same”..the same as what?!?!?!  Who cares?

The number of friends you have must be equivalent to how important or popular you are!  Some members boast numbers as high as in the thousands!  Me, I have maybe 75.  And I really think that I was duped into becoming a friend of Troy Polomalu.  Does he really have time for this?  Someone must be posing as him!!  But I fell for the  bait, as did 3700 other members!

If you are a true friend of mine and honestly want to know what I’m up to,  JUST CALL ME!!  I’ll tell ya.

I preferred good old fashioned e-mail… I’ll give you a detailed list for your eyes only, not the whole world!!

I actually prefer snail mail!!!

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  1. Marcia – I couldn’t agree more! There are times when I can see it’s use – like Ps Jeff sending out a last minute meeting cancellation notice. But of course that only works for the people who have their email constantly open! I prefer email also. I am not a good letter writer so while I love to get snail mail, I am not a good sender 🙂 Have a nice day!

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