Finding My Way

Until now, I’ve had a very real fear of getting lost on the highway driving to a place I’ve never been before. I’ll backup and say that my sense of direction is practically non- existent!! Really!!

Thanks to a very generous Santa this year, I found under the Christmas tree my very own Garmin GPS. Imagine that; after years of getting lost, fretting about a trip to the other side of town unfamiliar to me, and begging and pleading other family members to drive just so I wouldn’t have the anxiety attack that usually proceeds after I get behind the wheel…. I can now depend on that little box attached to my windshield with the nice lady telling when and where to make the next right or left. Oh, and she also will “recalculate” if I miss her que…oops.  I guess now I’ll have to drive myself anywhere I need to go…yes I’m a big girl now.

In more ways than one, I was lost but now am found!!!!

My grandson  gave me a  unique yet practical gift this year, also, an E-ZPass for my car to ensure I could get to his house via the PA Turnpike without delay.  Very  ingenious, isn’t he?

And yet another  technelogical gift this year was a webcam for my laptop so I can talk to and see my two out of state children via something called Skype…a free phone service through your computer with video if you have a web cam, which I now do!  What will they think of next?  I’m sure we’ll find out next year just in time for Christmas giving.

Does anyone remember when our christmas lists consisted of items that we NEEDED, like slippers, gloves, PJ’s maybe the new Beatle album?  Oh, well, I’m giving away my age.   I’m really grateful for my gifts even though I had to depend on my kids to activate/register them for me. (gave away my age yet again!)

Merry Christmas ! Hope you enjoy your gifts whatever they may be!!

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