Move Over Dannon….

Have you ever noticed the number of yogurt choices we have recently at the grocery store!! It’s enough to make your head spin! Because I am a yogurt lover, I’ve been spending more time in the dairy aisle reading and comparing the new brands and types of yogurt on the market.

I was never one to buy the store brand or off brand of anything while grocery shopping, but lately it’s been a challenge (have you noticed) to stay within any kind of food budget.   So now, it takes me a little longer to shop as I compare labels, ingredients, prices.

My top three new finds for yogurt are as follows:  Rachel’s–found only at Gient Eagle, ArcherFarms–found at Target, and Fage (pronounced fa-yeh) which is Greek strained yogurt at Trader Joe’s.  They all are low fat or fat free.

Rachel’s has the most interesting flavors, like Plum Honey Lavender, this is in the Calm category, and Orange Strawberry Mango, from the Exotic line.  This brand contains Omega-3 DHA and Probiotics along with the active cultures found in yogurt.  The sugar content is just a little higher than I like.  I love the ad that reads on each carton, ” Spoon, savor, stretch sigh..” assuring that eating this yogurt will be a most pleasant experience.  These marketing people do have creative imaginations, don’t they?

Target’s Archer Farms brand is very rich and creamy.  It has gelatin added as an ingredient which boosts the protien up a tad.  Sugar grams are alittle lower, also.  My favorite flavor is Black Cherry. The second ingredient listed is the cherries making it really taste like cherries!

Fage yogurt is pretty new and the consistency is a much thicker, creamier yogurt.  It is strained, meaning most of the liquid is extracted out of it.  Why it is called “Greek Strained Yogurt”  I’m not sure.  Were the Greeks the first to discover that straining gives the yogurt a smoother taste? I beg to differ, because I remember years ago watching a Julia Child cooking episode as she demonstrated how to drain your yogurt over a piece of cheesecloth for several hours to thichen it to make a silky  cream  sauce to serve over chicken.  Anyway, this yogurt is really creamy and good, with the least amount of calories.  I like to buy the plain, non-fat and add a spoon of orange marmalade .  Yummy!

So there you have my review of yogurts….Dannon no longer has the corner on the market.   However, Their Whips will always be one of my favorites! But you should read all the labels to know what you are actually getting.  I’m not quoting prices because every store is different.

Have a yogurt or two a day,  it’s good for your bones!!

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