Waiting is Never Easy!

The clock ticks slower,  the days drag on I swear, while you wait.  Especially waiting for something in which we have no control.  Like the birth of a grand baby!!!  My daughter, Danielle, is ready to deliver her second child any day now!!

Oh, precious little one,  what are you doing in there?  Is it too cozy and warm, do you love being lulled to sleep by your mommy’s heartbeat, are you scared?  Don’t be!!  There are too many people out here waiting to hold and kiss and love you!  And you would not believe the most fantastic older brother you have just waiting to hold your hand, pet you sweet head and tell you all his funny stories!  His name is Aiden.  You two will have so much fun playing, laughing singing songs…

Your Mommy and Daddy can barely stand it anymore!  They want to finally meet you and hold you.  It’s getting harder for Mommy to do anything, you are just growing and growing so nicely. Are you done yet? Isn’t it kind of cramped in there?  When you are ready to come out, you will be able to stretch out you little arms and legs, you’ll see how good that feels.  And you’ll be fed some yummy milk, much better than that same old yucky fluid you’ve been swimming around in the past nine months.

Your days will be filled with new and exciting things, sights and sounds.  But I promise, we’ll try not to hold you too much so you can get you beauty sleep in your pretty new crib in your room with the pale lilac and yellow walls.  And you’ll see your name in big purple and white polka dot letters  ALI.  I love you name!

So, Ali, please come soon.  We love you so much, already without even laying eyes on you!

And another thing,  Ali, God, who created you, has great plans for your life.  You’ll grow to see how much He loves you, too.

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  1. Oh Marcia. 🙂 That was so beautiful. I’m sitting here sniffling, and praying for your new granddaughter and her entire family. How wonderful to be welcomed into this workd with such love.

  2. Beautifully said Mom.
    Ali, your auntie Rachel can’t wait to welcome you too!

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