Black Raspberries, Summer’s Best

Nothing shouts summer to me more than fresh picked, juicy, still warm from the sun berries.  Doesn’t matter what kind, strawberries, red raspberries, black raspberries, blueberries any kind of berry will do.  My neighbor, Marsha, same name–different spelling, called me yesterday to let me know her black raspberry bushes were ripe for the picken’.    So I dashed over right after my morning coffee with my empty basket ready to reap the harvest of her and her husband’s labor.  Such nice neighbors! !

I had to compete with about 100 buzzing bees, some irritating flies, and branches with very razor-sharp thorns that just attacked me out of nowhere.  Not to mention the rapidly climbing temperature of the already hot and humid morning.  I didn’t mind, all I could think of was the warm, tasty cobbler  that  I would be pulling out of my oven in a few short hours.

Well, I returned with my nearly full basket of glistening, deep purple gems and quite a few bloody scratches on my hands and arms.  I can’t decide on which I will make today,  the cobbler or a shortcake…..mmm, maybe both.   If you mouth is watering, so is mine.   I’m going to have to end now to get started.  I promise a recipe next post.

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