Triple overtime?!!

“Heeeeee shooots aaaand scooooores!!!!”

What a heart stopper!  Scratch my back with a hacksaw!  You have to be an old diehard Pens fan to agree with that comment.  Talk about a comeback laced with determination, spurts of energy from who knows where, miraculous healings from injuries and all wrapped up in a bow…Christmas is early this year!

I’m a little bleary-eyed from lack of sleep today, three overtimes, unheard of!

But I did have faith that the Pens could pull it off. I’ve watched enough hockey not only the Pens, but high school games while my son played, to know that anything can happen, and it usually does when there are such high stakes involved.  Come on, this is for the Stanley Cup.  Redwings, you’re just gonna have to show up with your A-plus-plus game in the ‘burg tomorrow.

So don’t go to bed Wed. night too early, we all know in Pittsburgh that it ain’t over till Elvis leaves the building!

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