Forever stamps,…yeah, right!!!

I walked into the post office this morning to purchase yet another slew of supplemental stamps, one centers, to affix to my outgoing mail with only 41 cent postage in order for our government postal service to deliver them.

When will it stop?????

We do have a choice, to buy these Forever Stamps, which will last till the end of time, so we’re told. They sell for the price of 42 cents each and I’m told can be used “forever”.  Until the next rate increase. Maybe, I’m not sure.  I don’t think anyone is sure.  A postal worker told me that if the rate of postage would perhaps decrease, and that is a possibility, we could still use the forever stamps which we purchased at a higher rate than the current one which may be lower .  Confused yet?

This leaves me with one other alternative which I and my husband have been dragging our feet for some time now…and that is paying bills and doing our banking online.  ” No, we’re not ready !!  Not yet,  we’d rather see the checks and bills actually in the mailbox being picked up by our faithful, trusty mailman which we know by name and wave to and give a Christmas card to every holiday season.”  (Can’t you just see our heels dug in and leaving deep scrape marks on the ground?)

They call it snail mail!  ha! what do they know. ( Sigh!!!)

I think for now,  I”ll just use up these one cent stamps, they’re really very pretty, a nice image of a Tiffany lamp.  I think we’re good for another few months, then we’ll think about the dreaded change which is inescapable.

Those of you who are snickering, I’m guessing you’re what? 25, 26, maybe 30.  Just you wait till technology catches up with you and rocks your nice, peaceful world that you are so comfortably living.

Then we’ll talk.  Yeah, I know, it will be on the newest cell phone with more features than there will be forever stamps circulating by then.

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