I’ve gone through a number of old photos for my book and came across picture after picture of our family sitting around the dinner table.  What memories!!  I honestly could recreate the sights, sounds and smells (really!) just by gazing at those photos.

If it wern’t for me feeling a little under the weather with a sore throat and head cold,  I’d be in my kitchen making something with tomato sauce, I just don’t have the desire nor the inclination at this time.

So I’ll just go through these old photos, peering back into my childhood with a very happy heart and hear my Nana calling us all to the table saying, “Mangia, sta bono!”  Eat and be healthy.

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  1. Yes, family meals do evoke all kinds of memories! I invite you to read about mine at “The Old Family Table” on my blog: Emily’s Everyday Path:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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