High School Revisited

I was sitting at Borders today enjoying my Vanilla Latte ( i could drink those all day!!) and I see a man approaching me with a vaguely familiar face gazing at me with a look like he’s ready to say something. So I keep looking at him and the closer he gets I recognize him as a guy I use to hang out with in high school. “John!”, I exclaim….”Marcia!”, he exclaimed. Then a half hour walk down memory lane, complete with laughing,.. Oh My!,.. Your kidding!,.. No way!,.. ending with “Did you hear that “so and so” died and also” so and so” ensued.

We both became very depressed at how the conversation had turned to how we are dealing with these dreaded birthdays that just keep coming at us at lightening speed. We ended by exchanging numbers, e-mail adrresses and vowing that we would do our best to get in touch with some of our other old friends and plan a gathering of our small clique from St. Mary’s High School.

I must say that talking with John made me feel both young again and old at the same time.

Even though I’m fifty something, ahem, I’ll always be twenty something in my mind.

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