Best Book Ever

Remember those dreaded book reports we had to write in English class? Well, here is one report that I’m thrilled to turn in. (and I’m not through the book, yet!)

I’m reading a book recommended by my Pastor at APC, Pastor Jeff, which he mentioned twice on his blog. So far, it’s living up to his “two thumbs up” review. In The Best Question Ever, Andy Stanley delivers a life changing principle via a question that you can’t afford not to apply to your decision making.

Covering the area of self deception, this is what he says, “You don’t sit around looking for reasons to do the right thing; it’s the bad decisions that require creative thinking.”

Go ahead, read that again.

Recognizing the areas of our lives that lead to avoidable problems is the first step to winning this competition called Life. Life is filled with loss, regardless of whether or not we’re living in the will of God. The worst thing we can do as followers of Christ is add to the unavoidable hardships of life by living outside His will. Nurturing a daily relationship with Him through prayer and Bible study, fully engaging in the church, and intentionally pursuing accountability relationships with other believers who will challenge us to grow are at the core of what it means to win.

“Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win! 1Corinth. 9:24.

The Best Question Ever is a gem of book. Thanks, P. Jeff

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  1. proud of you for launching a blog. this is a good practice for someone who is a writer already. am I the first comment?

  2. just a few have commented so far, it’s a good feeling to know someone out there is reading your posts. and yes, i feel this is a great forum for practicing my writing !

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