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I woke up this morning earlier than usual. To my surprise, I didn’t need my usual nonfat, extra-hot, vanilla latte for inspiration. I try to write daily, early enough before my mind goes blank, but today, unlike every other day, words rushed and flooded my mind like the white-capped rapids of Ohio Pyle. “What a bonus!” I thought. Words, ideas vivid mind pictures, all the above miraculously and literally at my fingertips. I tripped and stumbled to my computer. Wow! Let me at that keyboard! If you don’t write, maybe this is not making any sense to you. But if you do, well, just give me a high five!! My creative juices flowed and filled page after page….a story emerging, descriptive prose beautifully becoming a story, no, a novel, no, the epic of the century!!!! Then, I heard the nagging, relentless eehh, eehh, eehh of my alarm clock. Geez! A writer can dream, can’t she? How fast can I make it to Starbuck’s?

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  1. Virtual high five, now if you could only remember what you wrote in your dream:)

  2. I have a note book handy by the bed just for such occasions:)

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