It’s Time to Take a Bite

Okay, after waiting,  pondering, fretting, hesitating and agonizing over this decision,  I though it was time. I spend a considerable amount of time on the Internet reading other blogs, commenting, doing research for my book (hey, this is a great advertising tool!), searching out recipes, why not have a blog of my own?

 I decided that my theme will be two fold— celebrating who I am in Christ Jesus, the apple of His eye, and my love of anything to do with food; cooking, baking, exploring and creating new recipes (an Italian gene, I inherited). Soooo….. here goes!!




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  1. Mom,

    Cheers to you! I am SO GLAD that you started this blog. I just read through most of your entries to ‘catch up.’ No surprise that my incredibly talented mother has an endless amount of thought provoking wisdom to share with the world (and of course, exceptional recipes).

    Can’t wait to keep reading : )

    Love you and miss you,

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